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Hi, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and I was diagnosed with endemetriosis. I had 2 chocolate cysts drained and adhesiolysis. He also placed a dissolving pad (?) internally to stop my ovary from sticking back down on the raw tissue that he had cleaned off. My wounds have healed nicely but now my period is due and I fear the pain has returned! Although my lower back pain is less frequent, the intensity is the same and I have lower abdominal pain and throbbing ovaries. These are all symptoms I had before my laparoscopy but I didn't think they would come back so soon. I haven't discussed my diagnosis or ongoing treatment options with my consultant, only a brief conversation confirming that it is endemetriosis after the op. My follow up appt isn't until May so is it normal for the pain to return so quickly and do I persevere and wait until my appt? Thanks for any advise!!

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  • You could still be healing on the inside as it's only been 3 weeks. x

  • Thanks Louisa, my husband is of the same opinion x

  • Your first period after your lap is likely to be painful, please try not to panic. Experiencing pain with your first period after a lap is quite normal and does not mean your endo is returning xxx

  • Thanks janine, having never had any discussions with my dr regarding endo I really don't know what to expect. Hopefully once my period has been I'll feel better x

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