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Going through diagnosis and don't know what to tell my boyfriend. Anyway to ease pain (particularly during sex?)


I'm new here and would like some advice/support. I'm not confirmed as having endometriosis but my gynaecologist is as certain as they can be without surgery at this point. I've been suffering for years with non-period cramping, frequent and uncomfortable urination and 'IBS'. Sex is painful, especially afterwards. My boyfriend is a total sweetheart but our sex life isn't as great at the moment because he found out that sex causes cramping. It makes it difficult because he doesn't know how to support me or anything. Help?

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Hey there,

Its so difficult having this in a relationship but the best thing to do is be brutally honest with him about exactly how you feel, what makes it worse/better and just communicate all the time! My boyfriends stuck with me throughout all of my troubles and we've just talked really openly about it. Its hard for a partner to watch you go through something they know they can't fix and its hard for both of you to have something that was previously, hopefully, very positive - sex - turn into something that now holds less joy. What i suggested to my partner and what he felt was really useful is actually coming onto this website and reading my posts, which are bluntly honest, and other peoples post to understand how you feel and why. I've noticed that partners also post on here to support their other halves and to get support from others in ther somewhat helpless position.

Hope that helps a little! I've posted about this before and people have given me great advice so maybe have a look at that, guess its on my profile. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about it at all as i'm going/have been through what you're dealing with with my own partner. All the best strong lady! xx

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