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Tips to help conception? TTC

Hi ladies,

I'm just after as much advice as possible please. Me and my husband have decided to start ttc as my symptoms are progressively getting worse year by year so don't want to put it off any longer. If anyone has any tips regarding nutrition, supplements, holistic therapies etc that worked for you, i'd really appreciate. I currently take some pre-conception multi vitamins but i didn't know if us ladies need to increase intake of anything else?

Thanks in advance x

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Have you had surgery?

No amount of supplamnets or natural therapies will clear a set of blocked fallopian tubes, they need to be surgically cleaned out.

The Fallopian tubes are how sperm get to the egg for conception to occur, in rare cases the sperm can get to it however the egg than gets stuck in the blocked Fallopian tube and leads to an ecoptic pregnancy, which can be fatal if not aborted.

I would really see your doctor or gyno if you can't conceive.


Good luck with trying, I'm 27 and we were also concerned after being diagnosed for 3 years and my symptoms also getting worse. I started to take pregnacare 3 months before I came off the pill and stopped drinking caffeine. 2 months of trying and I became pregnant. Shocked all the doctors, had an ovarian cyst in first few weeks of pregnancy and it lots of pain but am now fine and 19 weeks pregnant. Miracles do happen, don't give up hope xx

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Hi, yes had a lap in September and everything was clear


I had reflexology, which didn't help me get pregnant (well it might have helped with ivf, but no proof), but it did help with my mental health. It was very relaxing and provided me with time out just for me and was a bit of a counselling session. All the best. Xxx

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