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Complications after laparotomy

Hi all, I am keen to know if anyone has experienced other problems after a lap to remove the endo from ovaries. I am about 8 months post surgery now and was on a 6 month treatment with Visanne. After a month ending the treatment, my menstrual cycle is back to normal but I am now quite conscious about any kind of discomfort. so lately I have been having some dull pain around the stomach area and it still makes loud noises once in a while. i have noticed that i release gas more often now and since all these things are happening internally, i am not sure whether i should be concern with these minor discomforts i am experiencing now. i hope to do another ultrasound soon and will probably ask the dr to scan my abdomen as well. Look forward to hear from you especially if you have done your lap several months or years ago. Thanks

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