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I think I have endometriosis

Hi everyone

I have just made my account because since my early teenage years I have suspected I have endometriosis, but every time I see a dr they tell me I just have "bad periods", are very patronising and act as though I am being a baby and just have no pain tolerance.

I have been on the microgynon30 pill for four years now to help and this is how bad my periods still are:

Periods very heavy and last 6-9 days

Extremely debilitating period pelvic pain like knives stabbing into me, often come in spasms so bad I have to hold my breath and curl up into a ball until it stops

Loads of clots and the blood is often dark brown or black even in the middle of my cycle (I know brown is normal at start or end but all the way through doesn't seem right)

I also have pain when trying to have sex

I also get severe migraines with nausea during my period that mean I can't function and have to stay in bed

When not on my period I have gastrointestinal problems including constipation, pain when going, sometimes blood and acid reflux and stomach pain and bloating almost every time I eat.

I feel really neglected by doctors and am at a loss as to how I can get them to take me seriously? I have told them all of these symptoms and they seem to think they are all unrelated, and have given me acid reflux tablets for my digestive problems, told me to take the pill back to back for three months at a time, and no help on my migraines or sexual pain at all.

Just looking for some support and advice because I'm feeling pretty alone :(

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Quite similar to all the symptoms I had and got fobbed off with "normal period problems" and "IBS". Diagnosed myself at 47, got surgery and had extensive endometriosis.

Look up your nearest specialist endometriosis centre (the text list is below the map, and ones with NHS in the website are free) and demand to be referred. You doctor can not refuse, don't be fobbed off with a referral to your local gynae either as most of these seem equally useless.


If you have the money you can usually pay the specialist privately for the initial consultation (about £200) and then get put on their NHS list for treatment. This will speed things up.


hi, go back and see another doctor and ask to be referred to a specialist. Don't stop asking until they do. GP only know so much, a specialist, gynaecologist will know how to treat you.


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