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uterosacral ligament exision

Hi there!

So I've just had my consultation and the doctor said that I don't have endometriosis on the inside of my bowels (yay) but I do have a lot in general and I have (deep I think) endometriosis on my uterosacral ligament which he wants to cut out?? He said that it is a normal procedure and that endometriosis loves to grow there.

I am quite concerned, firstly because I don't really know what the uterosacral ligament even does, but secondly, will there be any bad repercussions from this later? i.e if I want to get pregnant.

If anyone has had one removed, please could you give me any advice, did you stay in hospital over the night? did you have problems later on?

thank you

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It's what contracts during labour I believe, yes it is deep endo.


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