Laparoscopy recovery slow

I've had endo for a long time. I had 7 ops in as many years and then seemed to be endo clear for 9 years. It has returned and I've just had a laparoscopy to remove it. I was told I'd be ok after 3 weeks. I'm now nearly 4 in and get exhausted, dizzy and nauseous after just a gentle walk. I am in bad pain at night, mornings and evenings and not getting much sleep. Am i doing too much or too little? Doctors are not being much help. I'd like to start doing some yoga. Any thoughts welcome.

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  • Hi im also 4 weeks post op and this last week i have suffered with nausea, vomiting, pain in my abdomen, back etc and constant exhaution, i am also very irritable and moody however i have come on my first period since the op so i think thats whats caused me to still feel like this. Have you had a cycle yet since your op? The only advise i have is what iv been told from my consultant this weekend to eat little and often drink plenty and take my anti sickness medication and pain relief and rest. I have heard that exercise is good for symptoms of endo but im not sure post op. You should listen to your body everyone recovers at there own pace and if you have had treatment it takes longer for your body to heal the wounds may look ok on the outside but inside will still be quite tender. I hope your feeling much better soon xx

  • Thanks. I couldn't hardly eat a thing for the first two weeks so maybe I'm just feeling a bit weak until my eating gets back to normal. I don't have normal cycles anymore-not since having the coil but I definitely have good and bad days in terms of moods and pain. It's good to know this sounds normal-whatever that is for endo ☺

  • hello I am 6 weeks post op, after about 2 weeks I was getting this dizzy feeling and sickness my doctor prescribed me antibiotics, as it was thought I had infection they seemed to do the trick? Exercise still after 6 weeks is hard work I dont seem to able to apply myself like I did before!

    hope you feel better soon! X

  • Hi, did either of you get any advice/support at your post op review if you've had it? I've got mine coming up soon

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