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Pathology results negative for endo?

What does it mean when specimens are taken during a lap and when the pathology comes back it says they aren't endo? Does it mean they were just regular tissue that looked a bit suspicious so was removed to be checked? I'm just reading an old lap report and it decribes 2 very small specimens as containing endometriod glands, stroma and associated pigment" but for all other samples "no convincing endometriosis is demonstrated. Specimens are fibromusular, adipose and mesothelial tissues."

I'm just getting ready for an appointment with a new dr for my pelvic pain (which doesn't really fit with endo - see my other post) and trying to understand what I have to talk about with him! I do remember after that lap, the dr saying endo wasn't the issue he felt.

Any info appreciated :)

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The samples they said didn't contain endo are just normal body tissues, it's a bit messy in there, things don't look nice and neat, so they'd have taken a few samples of things that could possibly have been endo. However, it looks like they did find tiny bits of endo, there is a school of thought that this is reasonably normal. Women that don't suffer from endo have been found to have endo tissue sneaking out of the fallopian tubes during a period. So the thinking it that in most women the body breaks these tissues down and in women with endo they don't. Whether that fits with it "glands" and it apparently being attached "stroma" is attaching tissue, is another matter.

Here's the big problem, a lap can't always find endo. If it is stuck down between your vagina and rectum and is sticking tissue together they don't go down there so don't find it. Ask if you can get an MRI which is more likely to find it in awkward places.

I had seen numerous doctors and gynaes and endo wasn't even suggested, I eventually diagnosed myself and then found a specialist.


Thanks so much for your reply. I have since had another lap (after the one I mentioned above) and in this one they found no endo but a lot of adhesions thought to be from post op c-sec infection a couple of hears prior. I then had an MRI actually specifically to look for 'hidden pockets' of endo just like you mentioned and it was totally clear. I think I can probably rule out endo but still don't have answers.


They sound like adhesions which can form from infection or previous surgery, since you had a c-section that was probably the cause.

They develop from fibrin and also from air getting to the organs which make them 'sticky'

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