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Hi Ladies

I am due to have surgery on Thursday and are prepared to change my diet as per the advice given in Dian Shepperson's book as i have heard nothing but good things from friends who have taken these steps too. However i wonder if anybody on here has paid to go and see a nutritionist for some specialist advice and if it was worth it? I haven't finished the book yet but there is a lot of talk about extra supplements and I'm a bit dubious on this as surely you would get a full range of the vitamins from the diet? I feel like it might be worth the money to see a nutritionist as its the only real action i can take in having some control over this disease but thought it would be good to hear of others experiences first. Any advice would be really appreciated. x

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I can't comment on her, but I have heard a lot of nonsense from nutritionists in general. That is not to say that there aren't good ones, just that there seems to be fads of different things being good or bad for you and different nutritionists subscribe to different schools of thought.

I went on a low carb diet some time after my op and found it a big help. I was also following some of the diet advice about combating candida as it there are reasons it will grow well in women that also have endometriosis, the chemicals they produce effectively help each other. The thing with going for a low carb diet is that it takes your body time to adjust. If you also have candida it sends your body signals saying it needs carbs as it tries to stay alive, so you feel like you have a hangover for few days and then you gradually get better over a couple of weeks. So starting on a low carb diet just before the operation probably isn't a good idea.


Thanks for your reply. I think I will wait and seek advice when I'm in hospital as i am going to be in for a few days. I've been advised to eat a carb heavy meal the night before surgery but don't plan on giving up carbs at all afterwards just those containing gluten. I did try gluten free pasta in various forms and I'm not impressed, the texture is weird! I'll update on how i get on when i feel up to it after the op. Hope your health is well at the moment and today was a good day:)


I tried the diet and it worked for the first 2 months then pain came back again. So maybe coincidence. Im going to try again. I started this week as I got a disappointing result from my gynecologist. Very unhelpful, so I asked to see another specialist in the endo clinic. I cant do the diet completely. But I have made changes where I can . This includes twice a day juicing, fruit and dark leafy veg. Lets see. Good luck with your process


Thanks for your reply, I too have started to make green juice in the mornings and just generally cut back on crap really and it has helped. I had cut out gluten in the past few weeks and as a final weekend before op treat decided to have sausages on a ciabatta roll for my breakfast today and I couldn't believe the reaction i got from it. No pain as such but I could feel my body struggling to digest it and felt really uncomfortable which is crazy to me as I love bread and pasta and up until recently ate bread every day and pasta a couple of times a week. I have never had any issues at all with digestion or my bowls or with food in general. I guess having eliminated it for the couple of weeks and then eating it this morning has shown maybe i do......I just want to do everything i can to stop it coming back as extreme following my surgery so I will be cutting out gluten and reluctantly maybe cutting out dairy too for a couple of weeks to see what reaction that has afterwards. I also figure a general change in thinking regarding my diet and lifestyle choices can only be a good and positive thing. I'll post an update on how i get on later. Hope things get better for you and thanks once again for your response.


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