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First period after laparoscopy and sickness

Hi everyone i had my first laparoscopy on 10th feb to confirm endo and i have been fine since my wounds have healed well and i have had no problems up until this monday when i started being sick and i have been since this is accompanied with pain in my lower right abdomen, pain in my right rib cage, back and hip. I have started my first period since then this morning. My period it late and quite light. Im still very nauseous. Has anyone else experienced this after there lap? If so how long will it last?

Thanks Annie xx

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Hi hun hope your feeling a bit better. I started feeling sick the second week after my lap and it continued for a bit then I got a red mark around my belly button and and the day after started feeling really unwell my back hips legs right flank was agony. I did a dip test at home it turned out to be infection. Went docs they give me antibiotics. I came on the same day I felt really ill I ended up having an iv of antibiotics and strong pain meds. Now I'm feeling much better. I replied because my first sign of all this was nausea and it stuck with me all the way. I'm much better now. This stared last Friday and today iv felt OK to come back home from my mums I went to stay with her on Tuesday. Hope your feeling much better might just be a sign of your period coming. X


Thank you for your reply :)

Yes i think you were right it was all related to my period i started my cycle and its been awful i cant wait for it to stop i feel so drained with it all!!! It will all be over in a few days thanks again

Annie x

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