Follow up after lap. How long?

Just wondering how long people had to wait after lap to see consultant to talk through findings and next steps? I had a diagnostic lap nearly two weeks ago, the consultant said we would have a follow up in about 3 or 4 weeks to talk through what she found and what we do next. I had a letter today and the appointment is in 16 weeks! Is this the norm? She told me she found endo but I don't know how bad or where, also have cysts, fibroids and polyps and she has suggested partial hysterectomy and removal of endo so really keen to discuss options with her and 16 weeks feels so far away!

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  • they said my follow up would be in 6 weeks , 16 weeks seems way too long! I personally would ring consultant or secretary and try and get an earlier appointment xxx

  • Thanks, that's a good idea, will do that and see what they say, does feel such a long time away just to find out results!

  • Mine was 8 weeks later. Call the consultants secretary and explain. I have done this in an attempt to get my coil removed and the secretary was more than helpful and found me an appointment.

  • That's good to know it works if you do that, thanks so much for your reply x

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