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An endometriosis rant

So I was diagnosed with endometriosis in January and on the one hand it is a massive relief but on the other hand it has been horrible.

I love finally knowing what's wrong and being able to explain why I am in pain, but I found this out during my final year of studies at uni.

Turns out as well that the endometriosis is a lot more serious than they thought and I've had an MRI to see if I have deep endometriosis (I'm waiting on the results). So until then they haven't talked to me about any treatment plans.

It just kinda sucks because I've been in so much pain recently and I don't know the best help and I am exhausted constantly. I've had to get extensions on all of my deadlines because the stress is just too much!

I'm 22 and talking about things like whether I will be able to have kids is terrifying.

I'm not really sure why I am posting this, I just really need a rant!

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It is so difficult but it's better to know now so that they can do something about it than wait for years in pain with no answers.

I'm 23 so talk of if I can have children terrified me as well but with all the medical advancements now we stand a chance!

Good luck with all of your tests and I hope you get some much needed answers and appropriate treatment! :) X

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Hey! I can really relate to this. I'm a second year uni student and also found out in January. They think I have endometriosis in my bowels but because of how risky that is after everything I've read I got scared and cancelled my lap.

I get what you mean! On good days I need to make the most of my time and do as much uni work as possible because I don't know how I'll feel the next day. The fatigue has hit me the hardest along with the pain...this week I've felt like a walking zombie and it just makes me want to cry because I may look perfectly fine on the outside but every step I take is just a mission.

I hope you get treatment soon and I'm glad your uni has been supportive xx

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Hey, I know how you feel, i struggled through my undergrad and masters being in inconsistent pain with trying various contraceptions due to 'bad periods'. Im now doing my teacher training and I had my lap towards the start of the academic year. The pain is getting worse the longer it gets from my lap, they want to try me on prostap but im holding off at the minute due to university. My tiredness is awful too - i find coffee and lucozade help me get by until i manage to catch up on my sleep. (Some people say epsom salts help tiredness). Other than that, its being on good painkillers and knowing your body enough to say when enough is enough

As my uni tutors have told me, i need to look after number one first to get better and 100% to then resume with studies. Please feel free to inbox me if theres any questions or problems with uni :).


It is so lovely knowing some people are in the same situation as me! Just knowing that is honestly helping me get through the weeks!

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