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Ovulation with endo

Hi all,does endo effect ovulation. I haven't tested to see if I ovulate for a while and had a few tests left so thought I would use them.I tested when I thought I needed to (according to my ovulation tracker) and for 3 days the result was negative.I had the change in cervical mycas but now it's gone dry when I'm meant to be ovulation. I know that you don't always ovulate every month but Can you ovulate early? It's made me worry not I am not ovulating problem which could be why I am struggling to conceive.Any advice would be grateful.Thanks

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Hello 😊. Without a host of blood tests it is impossible to categorically predict that you are ovulating. However, Endometriosis can cause you to ovulate earlier than usual. I had cycles that were 27/28 days but as my endo worsened I noticed my cycles became much shorter- about 21/22 days. I used OPKs and had a surge around day 8/9. Other times it would be day 13. Have you tried tracking your temperature? That is the most reliable way of establishing ovulation without anything more invasive. Over a few months you may notice a pattern- even though most people assume that ladies ovulate on day 14, that isn't actually the norm. Sometimes it's also very easy to miss the surge using opks and they can spike very quickly. Hope that helps xx

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