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Any one had a similar experience!?

I've always had lower abdominal issues. Started when I was 17 I think when I first got my IBS diagnosis! Had a late miscarriage at 17. Early 20s had a cervical erosion and cin 2 so had colposcopy plus it froze and heat sealed. 25 started peeing blood. Severe. Couldn't get off toilet, suspected kidney stones. Had cameras into kidneys which showed damage and that my urethras where narrow. Had one stented! Refused the other. I can remember 1 painful period where I couldn't stand up straight, diagnosed as painful period! I was 7st 5 up until 28 then dropped to 6st 13. No real diet change. At 26 I started being awoken in the night at any time of the month in agony. I would roll round, pass out, sometimes throw up. By morning id get out of bed, feel a tug that put me on my knees then if be fine. So a year in August I got a great big whack that felt like it tore my insides but soon want off. I then started to get symptoms of something not right but thought they'd settle. 2 weeks from the whack I woke up in the night thinking id peed myself! (Although I actually was peeing myself a bit). I went to Drs and they run sti checks which come back clean. Had snotty diarrhea. I then had an ultrasound, fluid in bowel loops and hydro-salphinx. A Dr took a slide and seemed I had pid. I was given about 4 courses of antibiotics, and sent for a lap. Diagnosis then changed to stage 4 endo. I had major surgery thinking it would cure my issues which is predominantly constipation so bad it's making me ill. My fallopian tube was stuck around my bowel holding it up suspended but that was removed! Could it just be 'ibs'..

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