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3 weeks post op...but where's my period? Help please ladies!!

Hello ladies 😀

I had Endo excision and my left Fallopian tube removed exactly three weeks ago. I've always had short cycles, 22 days apart. Been waiting expectantly for it but nothing. No spotting or any usual clues (not that I'm complaining about a lack of pain lol). Is this normal? Is it possible that I didn't ovulate because of the shock of the surgery? Thank you for your responses in advance xxxx

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This is really a question for your consultant isn't it?


Hi. I had a lap last year and endo removed. I didn't really have periods before so I wasn't sure what to expect but I started bleeding around 5 weeks after the op. My doctor said it was normal as everything was all over the place and it was quite painful. It takes a while for your body to fully recover but if your worried, check with your doctor 😀 Hope you are ok and recovering well. x

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