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How can Speeding up Gynaecologist referral ?

I'm currently waiting to see a gnae in May for ? Endometriosis according to symptoms but all investigations( ultrasound/CT scans/bloods) did not show anything. I have not had a lap yet ,was started on mirena coil 2 weeks ago when I saw a Gynaecologist in A/E after a bad flare up of pain and bleeding , I have been off from work for 6weeks with constant lower back pain, groin , nausea, bloating , rectum pain .i have booked to see my Gp tomorrow as I'm constantly suffering , how can I make my Gp spee up this Gynaecologist appointment ??, my Gp thinks I'm either imagining this pain or she doesn't know how to help me ,

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Hi ive just read your story and even though you had ultra sound scans etc it doesnt always show up only a laparoscopy will give you a true diagnosis have you thought about paying private just to see your gyne that should speed things up its along time to wait till may I hope you get seen quicker and they can help you out amyxx


My experience is different from amy01xx . I've never had a lap to get my true diagnosis. I'm surprised at how many women have. I was diagnosed via a series of blood tests as well as ultrasound and trans-vaginal ultrasound. I have both endo and adenomyosis with a fibroid or two thrown in for good measure.

I am just about to have my third mirena. I cannot parise it more highly. Do allow six months for it to bed in and bring your periods to a manageable or low level.

As for your gynae appointment, you can find out the secretary for the gynaecologist on the hospital website. Give them a call, explain your situation and see if they would offer you an appointment if another patient cancels at short notice. Your GP should be able to request this as well. Hopefully this double-pronged approach will get you an appointment sooner.

A private consultation appointment is about £180-£200 (depending on your area and each scan can start at £140). If you can afford it to get a diagnosis, go for it.

Good luck.


Thank you x

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