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Finally! diagnosis a little too late

For the past 18 months I've had problems with my periods. Pain, heavy flow and bizarre stabbing pains in my butt (tmi). I've seen 3 GPS, 2 locums, A&E drs and 3 gynaecologists.

I was diagnosed with a 6cm ovarian cyst in January. I followed it up privately and had a laparoscopy yesterday to have it removed.

Turns out I had a chocolate cyst and stage 4 endometriosis. They had to take out my ovary with the cyst.

I'm relieved to finally have an answer to what's been going on but gutted that it had to get this far with so little support from my Drs.

I'm lucky in that I'm almost 36 and have completed my family. But if I was younger I'd be really upset to be in this position.

Trust what your body is telling you. Push your drs and if necessary pay privately. I'm glad I did.

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