Update & LOST mirenaaaaa

To add to my old post, I am still in pain... honestly if anything it got better and is now getting progressively worse to the point where today the only time I am not in pain is when I am still... if I move the pain starts, bend over the pain hits, walk around the pain strikes... I can't function properly!?

I checked my strings last Tuesday after having sex Monday night (I know I should have checked before but I'm new to this and completely forgot it was a sudden thing not planned as the bf has no interest in sex after hearing there was a possibility of feeling the string!) He gave in but was sore after so I thought maybe its the string, Tuesday morning I felt and *thought* I could feel just the very very tip of the string.. just a hard stub... keeping in mind there was easily over 1cm of string feel-able a few days before so I decided to ring the doctors and ask to be seen sooner as I needed advice on the allergic reaction to 2 tablets of codeine anyway. The check up was meant to be on the 10th (and I will probably still go to it) but I went to a sooner one with another doctor on Wednesday morning... surprise surprise she can't see anything... even said whatever I was feeling (the tiny little hard bit I assumed was string) couldn't possibly have been the string as she can't see the string further up. The mirena is possibly gone, I've had one bout of bleeding and coffee like discharge the rest of the time... didn't find it lurking in my pad or in the toilet (I have to check bowel movements etc anyway due to IBS) so having an ultrasound sometime soon... no idea when as the last time I was sent for one it took 6 weeks and the doctor didn't know how to make it an urgent referral. I had to take the emergency contraceptive just in case as we don't know whats happened to the coil and if it isn't still in place there is a chance that it wasn't in place when I had intercourse... drama drama drama thats all my life is at the moment!!!

PLEASE can people tell me about their similar experiences?! I'm going nuts!!!

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  • I couldn't feel the strings at all from the first time I checked after insertion. A nurse checked at my 6 week check then the gynae registrar a couple weeks later. No one was overly concerned but they sent me for a scan to check. The coil is there but strings are missing, which will make it a pain the remove. I've been bleeding practically non stop and want it out but need to wait for next gynae appointment as my GP can't remove if the strings aren't there. If you haven't felt or seen it come out and you've been checking it's most likely there don't worry too much but perhaps use another form of contraception in the meantime to be safe. Good luck.

  • Thank you for the reassurance. Its just so odd to me that I felt so much of it only a few days before it vanished. I've been getting very bad pain on my right side, at first I thought it was my bowels but now it hurts and brings on full blown contraction like pain that stops me in my tracks, on par with the pain I felt the night I had this damn thing inserted. The pain was extremely bad today and I bled for a few hours. This might sound odd but since getting it inserted I haven't really 'bled out' its been more of a wipe away and barely anything on pad (sorry if tmi) but today the pain is the worst its been and I actually bled onto the pad (standing in sainsburys and turned to my boyfriend with dread on my face and all I could say as my legs crossed was 'its coming out' in reference to the blood/what I assumed would just be discharge) and filled more of it than I have any other over the past 3 weeks, even with my *period* that I had over last weekend there was barely anything on the pad itself. I am grateful that I am not bleeding constantly but I may as well be because the coffee like discharge is hell anyway I'd rather just full fledged bleeding.

    I'm just getting so tired of it, I want to lead a normal life!! ;-; but I am so glad this forum is here for me to vent and have my worries put at ease... <3

  • I have also found since having the mirena that I get very sharp pains left/right sided about once a month. I'm putting it down to ovulation pain for now. It was so bad when it was right sided I was seriously considering a trip to hospital thinking I don't want to write this off as mirena or gynae pain if its my appendix! If you are bleeding very heavily and are very concerned maybe a trip to a & e or an emergency GP appointment?

    It sounds like the mirena is giving you as difficult a time as it's giving me :( I really hope you get it sorted soon.

  • After 2 days with peaks of agonizing pain and no letter about a scan I've decided I'm going to call my university GP and demand to be seen in one of the emergency appointments. The pain is hitting on the right hand side and after each massive lot of contractions I'm bleeding... not a lot but enough to bother me and the pain has spread to my back and weirdly I am now getting a stabbing pain in my right buttock o.O

    I really hope all your issues get solved :/ this really sucks tbh although I think it helped my case as I had a Disability Allowance assessment at university today and although I am not officially diagnosed with anything the lady I had was very sympathetic of all my symptoms.

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