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MRI results - how can endometriomas cause so many symptoms?

I've been to see my consultant today following an MRI as my symptoms have been getting gradually worse since my lap in November 2015 for stage 3 endo.

The only endo found was endometriomas in both ovaries. Having discussed my pain, which can be so bad during a period that I can't get down the stairs, we moved on to treatment options.

What I wish I'd asked was how two small endometriomas can cause so many symptoms - heavy periods, back ache, nausea before my period, pain during and bleeding after intercourse and bloating. Can it really not be anywhere else?

Any thoughts???

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Did they just find endometriomas during the MRI and not surgery? The endo tissue doesn't show unless if it's surgery in most cases and it's normal that it doesn't show. An endometrioma is often a sign of a bigger problem esspecially if there's more then 1, I would really talk to your gyno about surgery. I you're in the UK ask your GP to be referred to a BSGE centre which will more effectively remove the endo. Remember to bring the MRI results.


Ovary adherence can be agonising, I only had one small cyst and was in major pain for a few days after it was unstuck. Pain can also be referred about and it is possible for minor endo to cause major pain if it's located awkwardly or irritating a nerve.

That said, back ache and dyspareunia might be indicative of deep RV endo sub type and that can be found alongside ovary endo. I have both symptoms. See links below

I would ask for a bsge referral and a copy of your op tape or images and report to work out what areas were checked. There is a list of what should be checked in a diagnostic lap in the files on endo revisited group on Facebook but not all places always are checked and endo is easily missed by non endo specialist s due to variable appearance.

RV endo symptoms are documented here


Types of endo summarised here


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