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Feeling down about keeping active/slim/healthy!

Long story short : had lap in December and had endo diathermised, was told it had completely gone. After long recovery, experienced 2 weeks of 'normal me', maintained the weight loss, back to the gym, eating well, no mood swings, no pains, no ibs, NOTHING!

Current mood: pains have returned, awaiting a referral date to a specialist clinic, feeling that I've put on the pounds again, hormones and mood swings everywhere, bloated, tired, no motivation/energy for the gym.

I am trying my best to eat healthy. I flitter between "I'll eat what I want and work it off" and "I'll eat clean and not bother with the gym" and "I'll make a balance"

So today I ate that doughnut from the bakery and half an iced bun and pasta for lunch because why shouldn't I?!?! Now I'm too painful to go to th gym and work it off and I feel crap!!

Any ideas?! TIA XX

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Diet and alcohol affect hormones. Try to stick to that and not worry about the gym or more for now. Healthy people will also feel rough after a bit of a sugar splurge. start tracking all your symptoms against diet and other factors and see itf there is a pattern over your cycle, then go back to your clinician armed with that info to explore the alternatives.

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