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Hi I'm looking for some advice. First post I've put on here so bear with me. I was finally diagnosed with stage 3 endo in august last year after a lap. They inserted a mirena coil while I was in theatre. Since then my symptoms have been much improved so much so that I was discharged from Gynae follow up on Monday. Today I am in agony and bleeding really heavily for the first time since my op. They have never been able to locate the strings of my coil but because I've had no bleeding/ periods they said it must be in the correct place. Can't get a gp appointment and don't really know what to do. Could it have dislodged? In so much pain and have to work 12 hrs today.

I was feeling so positive but now just feel so flat and deflated. Can't go back to this again. Trying not to cry into my cuppa right now. Any advice appreciated x

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Oh dear that sounds really sore. I've got endo but no direct experience of this particular situation. However my mum had this happen- her coil got dislodged and she had to have it removed in hospital. I'm a nurse and seen a fair few ladies come to a&e with similar problems. If I was in your shoes I would call in sick to work (explaining the situation) and either call 111 so they can assess you and arrange for you to see an emergency doctor or I'd go to A&E. At least that way you'll get some effective pain relief and they can establish what's going on. The coil can cause damage if it's in the wrong place so put your health first and get some medical assistance xxxx

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Thanks for your reply. I'm also a nurse. At work already but I might pop round to gynaecology and ask for some advice


Yes please do! It's really tough being in pain when you've got to be on your feet for a long shift. My thoughts are with you...take care xxxx


Sexual health clinic might help you? Hope you are ok, I realise this post was yesterday. Hope you get the help.


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