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Newly diagnosed 20 years of suffering

Hi ladies. I have been hovering around for a week or so and thought i would introduce myself and my journey so far.

I have suffered with my cycle for about 20 years i was hospitalised in my 20s and the drs always said pelvic inflammation gave me antibiotics and sent me away. I suffered daily but tried to put a brave face on. Ive been married to a lovely, understanding man for nearly 11 years who was as frustrated as me with the pain i experience. I have pcos and the drs then said my pain was due to that. I thought i was being a whimp when one dr said pcos doesn't cause pain. We have had 2 unsuccessful ivf attempts and we were gearing up for one final attempt about 7 months ago when the pain dramatically increased. I was sent to the hospital again and pelvic inflammation, cysts were again diagnosed but this time the pain would literally drop me to the floor. I decided to pay to see a specialist privately. He said the only way to know what was happening was a laproscopy, we paid for this as hubby was so concerned about my pain every day (thats our ivf money gone) and wanted answers for me. The dr saw and treated endometriosis and doing a bit of Internet searching i see how the symptoms fit with what i have experienced for 20 years. So that brings me up to now, i am 1 week post laproscopy and unsure what my next steps are but now i finally have a diagnosis i feel like a weight has been lifted. I know the disease won't magically disappear but i am going to do everything i can to fight it.

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Oh good for you. Hope you get the answers and treatment you are seeking. It took me about the same time to get a diagnosis so I wish you well and hope you achieve a better quality of life x

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