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Sudden symptoms?

Hi all,

I'm 33 and potentially have endometriosis.

I've been on the pill since age 18 to control heavy periods - have had tests in past but nothing could be found. Few years ago I was put on cerelle and periods pretty much stopped until October last year. I've been bleeding almost constantly since though not particularly heavy. About 10 days ago I started to get severe cramping and bleeding worsened. Over last weekend it worsened to the point I was leaking through 2 maxi pads every 30-60 minutes and passing clots size of golf balls. I saw out of hours GP who prescribed tranexamic acid which has helped and I stopped bleeding on Monday night.

Went back to normal GP on Tuesday who referred me for blood tests to check for anaemia as I'm weak and light headed and to check thyroid levels (already take thyroxine). Also referred for ultrasound which thanks to private insurance I had on Friday where they said I have a small cyst on left ovary and potential endo or polyps. Now need to be referred to gynae.

I've started bleeding again, though not as bad as last weekend, and I have constant pain in back, lower stomach and legs, also extremely swollen abdomen and still weak and light headed.

Has anyone else found the symptoms to come on this quickly? Before last weekend I was feeling great - since new year I'd been doing new exercise routine and healthy eaten and had lost good amount of weight so now I'm just confused and totally miserable how I suddenly feel like this. Took a few days off work last week and worked from home the rest of the week but that isn't sustainable :(

Any advice very welcome.

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Yes, sounds similar to me. Worth getting this investigated further.

I was on Dianette for over 10 years, for acne, but such a heavy dose of hormones masked the fact that I had adenomyosis, a thick womb lining and a fibroid or two.

I came off the pill as I was TTC. I had flooding and passing huge clots. My health otherwise was good but the periods were regular but unmanageable, resulting in debilitating tiredness and feeling run down at period time.

My condition was identified after a intra-vaginal scan combined with an ultrasound. Fortunately I did have a laparoscopy.

Definitely worth getting a referral.


Same here. My symptoms devoloped quickly- I'm 34. Saying that though looking back I had been feeling tired and getting easily fatigued for a long time. Also I always seemed to catch any colds or flu that were going around. I had the coil in for most of my twenties just for contraceptive purposes, that definitely masked the symptoms. Same as you they found a cyst during an ultrasound. Had a diagnostic lap in October & they found endo. My pain seemed to come on out of the blue and my periods went awry. It was very sudden. Had excision a couple of weeks ago and fingers crossed that'll ease things. Sounds like classic endo symptoms, make sure you see the gynaecologist sweet. In answer to your question: yes. My symptoms came on suddenly and with a vengeance xxxx


I had similar symptoms with the heavy bleeding and clots due to Fibroids, I was placed on three different medications and none worked, I had a hysterectomy on January 25th 2017, I feel renewed, like I am given a new lease on life, wish you all who are going through all the best, and Praying that you too get a breakthrough also.


Hi all,

Back again...after my last post I saw the gynae who diagnosed polycystic ovaries as a result of my underactive thyroid. Doubled my dose of cerelle and upped thyroxine dose. For a few weeks this helped and a follow up scan confirmed all looked normal.

However my symptoms continued with the bleeding more erratic and more and more pain. I went to gynae and he now suspects endometriosis and I'm having a laparoscopy and hyperoscopy on July 27th.

Ironically since I've seen him I've stopped bleeding. This is the longest I've gone in a year without bleeding. This has panicked me that I'm having an op unnecessarily but pain is getting worse and I'm now having problems with my bladder and bowel. I'm very bloated and go between diarrhoea and constipation. I also feel like something is pressing on my bladder.

I haven't seen my GP about bladder and bowel as I've assumed it's related - does anyone think this is the right thing to do? And am I right going ahead with op even though bleeding has stopped?


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