Bleeding from wound five weeks post lap

Hi ladies. I had my diagnostic lap just over five weeks ago and it healed nicely. I was back at work after a week and no problems. All of a sudden today it has started bleeding. I noticed blood on my underwear where it had been touching the incision and I gently wiped the scar with an antiseptic wipe and it was bleeding dark blood but only enough to show on the wipe, not running. It's a bit sore but not much and I feel fine. Anything to worry about? Xx

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  • It might be best to ask your GP to take a look at it, just in case. If it's nothing to worry about then at least you'll know. xx

  • Definitely get the GP to check you for peace of mind xx

  • Thanks ladies, sorry for late reply. I put a dressing on and used antiseptic wipes for a few days and it stopped. I think maybe a small scab had formed and come off. Thankfully it is OK now :-) I'm back at hospital on the 15th for post op check up so I'll get doc to look at it xx

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