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3.3cm cyst hemorrhagic on ovary would that cause pain?

I have just seen gyne this morning to discuss MRI results . GP told me some results last week that I have a hemorrhagic cyst 3.3cm so looks like that is what causing my pain at the moment . gyne this morning said no that's not going to cause any pain to small gyne didn't examine me or anything has just referred me again for a hysterectomy but saying that a hysterectomy will not sort out the bowel problems I have though and that's my main problem........ well before the ablation it was and quite heavy periods ........WAking up from ablation having severe pain since December have been in really bad pain hardly able to walk more that 5 minutes bowel , bladder pain leg pain just pain all the bloody time really anyway.

Anyway the cyst came up on MRI so I thought yep that fits in with my symptoms and maybe it was ruptured during biopsy during ablation that's what the pain is/was but now gyne saying no it too small to cause pain????? Very confused I know it's not massive but then neither are your ovaries ????

I confused would a 3.3cm cyst cause problems ?

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