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Endo Laparoscopy


I don't know where to start, I'm 24 and I have endometriosis and will be having my first Laparoscopy. I don't know wen I will be having yet, waiting for my pre-op appointment. I was just wanting people advise who have been through this for there advices, tips etc.. Maybe what help with recovery, TTC after as we trying for baby number 2 and things I can do help reduce it coming back. Any diets, Workout routines that may help.

Thanks in advances

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Hiya, I was just wondering how things went, and if you were able to find a diet that works for you.


hiya, Thing went fine with the surgery. I have me post op follow up coming soon, so I will find out what's happening. And no I haven't found a diet that works, am just trying eat healthy as possible and work out as much as I can. which is working for me I still have symptoms but I'm not in much pain I was. but that maybe with the surgery.


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