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Does anybody has gas pains and pain before opening bowels?

I can literally feel the gas moving and causing pain on and off - I know that eating gas producing foods is a bad move, so try to avoid them if I can but difficult when vegan! I have peritoneal endo in utervesical fold, endo in right uterosacral ligament and endo over left ureter. I assume the - sometimes - excruciating pain when I have gas and before opening bowels is related to the uterosacral ligament (I had a colonoscopy so know it's nothing there). Thankfully I have never had this pain whilst out, or in front of anybody as I would not be able to hide it. I'd give it an 8 out of 10!

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Omg I thought I was the only one! I kind of feel like when you have the flu and it feels like your going to have diarrhea. And if you don't go immediately the pain gets worse?

I get worse pain when I hold my bladder though.

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Be wary of seeds, also of-low fat foods that substitute vast hidden amounts of sugar. I recently had terrible pains, gas bloating etc. And after all sorts of tests nothing was found, but my physio thought it was my breakfasts of granola, pomegranate and low-fat yoghurt. Apparently .. hidden carbs, such as the massive amounts of sugar in low-fat foods, cause late fermentation that produces gas, while many seeds (especially pomegranate seeds, apparently) can irritate the ileo-caecal valve between the end of the small intestine and the start of large intestine.

If a lot of the pain is on your lower right side, and you feel gas moving up the right side and then along, the source of the trouble could be a temperamental I-c valve.

Only an idea, but hope it helps.

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