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18 with possible Endometriosis


For four months now I've had symptoms of Endometriosis and the pain is taking over my life at the moment. I'm only 18 years old and I'm unable to go out or even do household activities the pain is that bad. I recently had an internal scan and since then there has been a very severe pain in a certain spot that is gradually getting worse. I am on the waiting list for a Laraproscopy and the waiting list is three months long, I can't stay in this pain for that long I'm on the highest painkiller dosage I can possibly be on, is it worth going to A&E and showing them just how much pain I'm in 24/7 (lots of crying and unable to sleep) however we have been in the past and they've just said to change your pain med routine and that's happened 3 times and no result. Is it time for me to go to the hospital and really lay on the fact that it is keeping me in bed all of the time? Or am I just wasting my time?

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From personal experience it was a waste of time going to the hospital. I was on zapain and oramorph and advised to go to emergency gynea where they couldn't do anything else for me. It was a suck it up and wait for the op date in my case.

Only advise I would give is to make sure you're keeping a track of your pain and periods - I found that to be a great help when I saw GP or gynea x


In my experience it was a waste of time as I was told the hospital couldn't interfere with ongoing investigations by my doctor. I was actually asked why I attended at the hospital and not my gp however I was following my gps advice that if the pain got worse to attend at a&e. I felt like they were just saying I was wasting their time. The hospital ended up making me another doctors appointment! As cupcake said, try keep a diary of the pain as it may come in handy in future to show how often you're in pain. I've got a diary with coloured stickers for each symptom and I update it each day so I can show my doctor how often I'm unwell. xx


I agree with the other women who have commented. I'm afraid to tell you, you will be wasting your time going to a and e they will not do anything for you and you won't get stronger medication from them either. The only thing I can suggest is getting your gp to expedite the laparoscopy and really she should have offered to do this anyway if you are in as much pain as this. Good luck and I hope that they can rush it through a bit quicker x


Keep at them I had this problem ask your gp to get in touch with your gyne to bring it forwards. You can get a lap privately but they are about £2000 to £3000 and then they can put u back on NHS for treatment but they won't treat it in private lap. Maybe look at private options I know it's criminal but your gp does have power to bring forward lap . A and e waste of complete time. And push for stronger meds tramadol codeine 60 mg seee what they say to that . Good luck I have been where u are it stinks xx


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