Any advice for the mirena coil pain?!

Basically, I've seen that people do have massive amounts of pain after the fitting so I was trying to actually prep myself. I thought it would be something I could cope with. I had it fitted at around 5.15pm yesterday and it was honestly the worst pain I've EVER experienced .I was giving paracetamol whilst there, and ibuprofen once I got home after one hell of a journey back. I had to walk a good (usually 30 mins) HOUR home because every 2-3 minutes a surge of terrible cramping would take over, to the point where I was holding back tears and trying not to scream out swear words because we were in public. The boyfriend couldn't really do much to help, tried humor to lighten the mood but ended up getting screamed at during some of the pain haha! Whilst walking home the pain was cope-able, when I got back home I was hoping the pain would settle as I wouldn't be moving - WRONG! Pain got 10x worse, I took some ibuprofen and got a hot water bottle and struggled to bed. Being in uni accommodation I had a fair few flights of steps but took my time. Got dressed into pajamas and threw myself onto the bed and prepared to snuggle and sleep through it (even though it was only 7 I was exhausted by it all). Within 20 minutes I was on the phone to 111 crying because I couldn't do a single thing without it hurting, a hot searing pain across my entire lower abdomen and my back was killing! I was shaking from the pain and my legs were like jelly. They booked me an appointment for about 2 hours later at an out of hours GP (I said it might take 2 hours to find transport), my beautiful friends ran out of the society meeting (that I was missing), got the bus home and got in their car to come and get me, but before they got here the pain again got 10x worse I couldnt cope I was no longer a functioning human being but curling into a ball wasn't an option because that hurt too! I called 111 again almost screaming because I didn't know when my friends would be here and by any regards it was soon enough I wanted pain relief NOW. They seemed worried for me too which was nice and said 'Look Lauren we need you to go and get seen within the next hour you need to go there is no ifs no buts you need to go', I never said I wouldn't be going I just worried I wouldnt cope, but as the lovely man was saying that I got a message and my friends where ready to pick me up. I stumbled down the stairs and to the car, blasted my face with ice cold air in the car to distract myself from the pain and sickness. I got the the out of hours GP and the receptionist was like... 'oh I recognize your name, you were here but for some reason you've been put on the call list someone is trying to call you' I showed him my phone whilst shrinking into my knees to show no one was ringing me. He said he would see whats going on and try and get me an appointment asap, within 5 minutes of me sitting down and being stared at by everyone waiting (I wasn't making noises just shaking and making faces I guess) my phone was called, I went to the door to answer it and the receptionist called me over saying 'no don't worry pass me the phone if its them and I'll get this sorted' and he simply said 'she is here, she needs an appointment, but I can't give her one whilst you have her on the call list so please take her off as soon as you can' and boom! (got there at 8.30ish and was being seen by 8.40). BP was through the roof, GP said it was because of the pain. She brought in 3 different meds and asked me which way I'd like to go about it and my response was simply whatever you advise to get rid of the pain. She gave me one suppository (Diclofenac) and got me into a room by myself to lie down. It worked to an extent, the pain just felt closer to the skin rather than a deep pain. After 20 minutes she came back in and gave me some codeine and boom I was back at a pain range I could actually cope with. BP was back down and I looked better, I wasn't a pale sweaty mess!

But I don't want to go through this again, I woke up this morning and I am alright, but took some codeine as soon as I could just because I assumed movement might set it off again.

I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice for me, or a similar experience. I need this coil for 3-6 months so (if it isn't helping) I can have the surgery to see if I do actually have endo (after 5 years of trying to be taken seriously, and only being taken seriously over these past few months since I came to university) and I'm only 19.. its been hell but I don't want the coil removed unless I absolutely have to because this is the pathway I was told to take.

*sorry for this being so long I wanted to ask the question but also really needed to rant*

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  • You did the right thing getting checked out. And it's good you're not in so much pain today. I had mine fitted during a lap, but came round to the most horrendous pain I've ever had. Honestly childbirth was less painful. I had multiple doses of oral morphine before the pain was manageable, ended up in hospital overnight with more morphine. But since that initial burst of pain it has not been that bad since. I'm not going to cherry coat it I've had mine over 3 months and it's horrendous! Non-stop bleeding, on and off pain, a cyst has now developed on one of my ovaries, and the strings are missing. But I've not since had that kind of intense morphine requiring pain! So, hopefully whether you get along with it or not based on my experience you will still get cramping and the like but I suspect you won't get anything so bad again. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for the reply. Honestly if they'd have given me morphine I'm sure I wouldn't have had to sit in a bloody GP room for over an hour waiting for the different meds to kick in after they gave them to me. Yesterday the pain was better, I only took codeine twice once as I got up and another after I had finally eaten a good amount, I was in agony! For some reason having a full stomach is not a good idea, although I've also not been able to pass stool since having it in, its like its all seized up. I was/am having treatment for a long bout of constipation but it was more of a having to push far too much to go, not a not going at all thing. I'm still taking my laxatives and nothing has happened so I'm giving it one more day and if its not improved back to the GP I go. Its slightly reassuring to hear the comparison to child birth, not sure if mine was on par with yours but I've decided I would be ok... maybe go slightly insane from the pain but with some pain killers of sorts I'd be ok when I do decide to have children.

    I'm fully expecting these next few months to be hell, I have non-stop bleeding anyway but thank you for the warning. I know everyone is different but the negative experiences definitely comfort me more because then I will know I am not alone in it.

    Thank you!

  • Glad you're starting to feel a little better. If you're constipated try and avoid codeine as that is know to cause constipation! A weird side effect I've had since having the mirena is that I haven't once felt hungry since I came round from the op in November. I wouldn't say I feel bloated although my abdomen does seem to swell at times and my clothes don't fit but I don't feel uncomfortable if that makes sense. I pass a stool at least once daily. But I am never hungry, I eat because it's a meal time. I don't fancy food, things I used to like now turn my stomach, I eat really basic stuff soup and bread, beans on toast! I am going to check this out with my consultant next time I see her, as I feel as though I should be hungry given that I often cycle 20-30 miles a day! Hope the mirena settles for you and you get some relief for a while anyway.

  • Good that you are feeling better! I was in horrible pain for the first 12 hours but then it settled a bit. I have it for 2,5 years but oh my, my consultant said it would take 3-6 months to settle. I was about to kill him everytime I saw him. It took me almost a year! Sudden cramps, low mood, swollen abdomen. I am sorry that's probably not what you want to hear but everyone is different. I am surprised they fitted you a coil for such a short period of time. Hope you are ok x

  • The initial pain is just agony!!

    I've only had it put in because I've been on the 2 main types of pill, the implant and the injection and none have helped long term because I always end up with constant bleeding again and the cramps are always there. Mirena is the last sensible option they want to try before giving me the op just to see if it will work. If it does settle within 3-6 months then happy days I wont have the op until it unsettles (which for me is pretty inevitable as all good things period wise come to an abrupt end!) but if it doesn't settle within that time frame (and I can decide whether I want to wait 3 or 6 months - going for 6 to give it a good chance) then I have an open appointment to just go back and they'll do the op. I'm hoping it works, no problems after it settles and I can finally lead a fairly normal life!! I get what you mean about the anger with consultants, its always try this and then come back, oh ok try this and then come back, ok try it for a little longer then come back!!! URGH, I get why they do it but its emotional turmoil!

    I am ok now, absolutely exhausted and still getting some pain but it is nothing compared to what I had.

    I seem to have started having a reaction to the codeine as my left hand gets itchy and blotchy after about an hour or 2 of taking it, which is annoying as I won't have my other meds until tomorrow so I've decided to only take it if I absolutely need it (pharmacy said they'd have it yesterday, now its today, but because I had to go to the midnight one its over an hours walk from uni campus just to get there so having to ask my friend who lives near there to get it for me, tried yesterday but apparently it didnt come in the delivery like it was meant to, so trying again today and I'll see him tomorrow when he hopefully has them!!)

    Just seems not a lot health wise is going right at the moment!!!

    Thank you for replying!! Also thank you for saying your experience, I'd much rather people not beat around the bush with these things so its nice people are being honest with there experiences :) xx

  • Hi. Just wanted to give a positive experience as I know I've been lucky! I had mine fitted a month ago during my lap when I was diagnosed with endo. Had a period just after which came with bad cramps for a few hours but then back to normal again. That period lasted a week and then I had a week of spotting and since then it has been fab. No spotting, no pain, wouldn't even know it was there :-)

    Fingers crossed it continues but I hope you have some good luck with it in he end! xx

  • Thank you! It is really good to hear some other experiences, I do hope mine gets better but at the moment the outlook is bleak haha! xx

  • *UPDATE*

    Thought the pain was getting better - boy was I wrong. Passing stool sets off this hellhole inside of me... it hurts just as I feel the need to go and then as soon as I've gone by back feels weak and by whole deep lower abdomen hurts!! Doesn't help that I am going every morning for sure because I am taking prescribed laxatives at the moment.

    In one breath I want to go to my GP, let them see that I was in the hospital GP the night it was fitted and that I am still in pain almost a week later but I also feel like I waste their time, I am in at least once a week and if it isn't abdomen related its an infected toe or my tonsils! My main issue is I am in university, only my first year so it isn't as bad as it could be as I only have to get 40% this year and it doesn't count towards my final grade BUT with the way things are going that 40% is etching further and further away. I already missed almost everything this term (started 16th Jan) due to the possible endo pain, bouts of bleeding and just general unwellness.

    This whole thing just really gets me down, I planned to do work all day today to make sure I felt good to go tomorrow for some lectures. I sat down, had breakfast and within minutes was almost crying in pain needed to go to the loo and then running into my room to take some pain relief and probably now to nap before I even think about doing any work!!

    I know its not been long enough to see an improvement but I can't deal with this pain if it lasts longer than 2 weeks without settling a little. I'm only managing to take one codeine, once a day... as I don't want to make my bowels worse but also if I take 2 at a time I get some itchy reaction on my hands to it. I finally got my voltarol suppositories from the pharmacy but I am hesitant to use them too often as there is only 10 and that means I have to use my judgement to see if the pain I experience is worth using it. Even when I do use one the pain is still there its just not so bad, I can cope with it.

    I can only hope that everything settles quickly!

    Does/did anyone else get the whole pain with bowel movement thing with their coils? I mean I have bad bowels anyway but never painful to this extent.

  • For you guys, did you bleed straight after having the mirena and for how long? I didn't bleed, the doctor said as I wiped away the goop of the lubrication and anesthetic that I should start bleeding straight away and when I mentioned there was no blood she simply said oh there will be within the next few minutes. The most I got was some discharge that looked like it had some old blood in it, not anything fresh. Over the past week that discharge has varied a little but there was only 2 occasions where it was pink when I wiped. Now today I've started full on bleeding and honestly its the most pain I've been in since the day of insertion... I've given in and had some codeine but it hasn't even taken the edge off of it so waiting a while and taking the voltarol to see if that can save the day. I just find it weird that I was told I'd bleed straight away and its taken 9 days :/ and I am use to bleeding constantly... but not this pain so if it continues its going to become a big nuisance.

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