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I'm new here!!!! Can ablation help??


I was diagnosed with Endometreosis about 22/23 years ago at which time I had laproscopic surgery to correct it. I have to say, I have been blessed because at that time, I felt like it really did take care of the problem. Shortly afterwards, I became pregnant for my first child, 2 years later had my second child and then 5 years later, had my third and last child. I had no symptoms of this disease at all during these years. From what I was told about endo when I was diagnosed was that the only cure for this is either contraceptives or pregnancy because it keeps you from bleeding. Then after having my last child, we decided it was best for my husband to have a vasectomy because it was safer than me constantly being on contraceptives due to the side effects of taking them for older women. At this time, I am 45 and have been off any kind of contraceptive for over 14 years with my third child being born 12 yrs ago. Anyway, within the last 2/3 years, I am definitely feeling symptoms of the endo coming back. The cramps, blood clots, spotting between periods, sharp pains within my abdomen and also, bladder problems. About 6 yrs ago, blood was found in my bladder, had Cat Scan done and cystoscopy and nothing found. I feel like it may be invading my bladder or something to do with bladder. Also feel the pains between my vagina and rectum area, the shooting pains in those areas. It's a scary situation and just pray for the best for myself and everyone else suffering.

Does anyone think that an ablation would help anyone suffering because it stops the blood from coming therefore, the blood won't be able to implant anywhere?

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It would effect what is already there. Ideally you need excision surgery to remove all endo that is present.

Bleeding from period going back into pelvic cavity would only cause peritoneal endo. Other forms of endo are now thought to be present from birth.

Ask GP for a referral to a BSGE centre. These are specialist endo centres where that's all they deal with. Far more knowledgeable and experienced than general gynaecologists. Good luck.

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