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Hi everyone

I found this site because I'm having problems dealing with my endometriosis. Over the past 8 mths my weight is up and bloating has increased in stomach, back, legs! It's horrible, I feel so uncomfortable and all my clothes feel horrible, particullarlly around my waist. I exercise a lot! I also eat quite healthy although I probably sound cut out bread.

Over the past 10 years my endometriosis didn't bother me because I was on the pill (even though my tubes are tied).

Are there exercises that help? Even my arms are feeling flabby.

Look forward to advise

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I've got myself a yoga mat and dumbells as a new year incentive and am yet to take them out the packaging. I intended to join the Results With Lucy programme but five weeks later and i just dont have the motivation.

For bloating I swear by cranberry juice which also eases my pains and has a plus of boosting my skin. Some people find it to tart or dry but it can be watered down. X

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I've just gone from Prostap & Livial to the Depo Provera shot. Still a three monthly injection, yet after 3 1/2 years of this I have gained weight and feel a blob - even though everyone tells me I'm not - but I am not ME! I feel so frustrated as this is my only option after a failed hysterectomy - Yes other medical staff at another hospital left me too late. I have a high pain threshold and ended up requiring an emergency bowel resection, so I have to constantly remind myself of the choices - larger than I am happy with - or basically dead! Thank goodness I am under a great gynae at a different hospital now that will not discharge me from his care! He is also happy to chat with my GP about my meds as I have developed high blood pressure too!


I find yoga and pilates a great help. I'm a big runner/gym goer, but at the moment I'm unable to go to the gym because anything to strenuous really affects me.

I'm doing gentle yoga sessions every morning, focusing on strength yoga to get my muscles working. There are loads of yoga classes you can find on youtube, some are even aimed to help with period pains. If I'm feeling a bit braver, and my endo symptoms aren't pestering me as much, I'll also do a bit weight work on my arms. It's trying to find out what your body is happy doing, learning your limits and finding something you enjoy doing as well.


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