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It's back again!

Hi everyone

Was wondering if anyone has had similar experience to me?

I had a lap 18months ago and was diagnosed with grade 2 endo on my uterosacral ligaments, and had diathermy to get rid of what they could see. A couple of months after the op I couldn't believe how much better I felt with no pain at all. However this last month the agonising pain and constant bleeding has come back.

I had an USS which as we all know doesn't always show endo and was clear.

My doctor has now referred me back to gyne which is on the 23rd Feb.

I am in constant agony and do not know what the next step will be when I see the gyne. I don't want to be pushed aside and told there's nothing they can do.

Any advice would be good

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If you are in the UK endo on the US ligaments must be dealt with in a specialist BSGE endo centre:



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