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Hello there

Hello there

I'm a married woman with no children. In my 20s I was given a lap., they found no reason why I could not get pregnant but they did find endometriosis. They warned it would probably come back.

Years later I developed heavy periods that lasted 25 days, with clots the size of plates. Because I still wanted children they gave me the Miranda coil. It worked great. The seconed coil I had very light bleeding. With some discomfort. But my third was a nightmare. I had to have it fitted under anaesthesia due to penetration being so painful. To justify this and due to light bleeding he took a sample of my womb. The next month I was in agony. I even got a ambulance because I was sure he must of penetrated my womb. I begged them to remove the coil. They said I had been through so much to get it they wouldn't. They where quite patronising about my fears and said a scan was unnecessary. They did give me ibrothen supotrities. Sorry about spelling.

With this coil I have had normal periods although they stop and start for two weeks and are painful. Doctor checked and said coil still in place. Then I remembered endometriosis. My doctor said I would soon have the menopause and I had to fight to be referred. I'm waiting to see gynaecologist where I think I'll have the same argument.

I am disabled with nerve damage in my leg.


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