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endometriosis, ovarian fossa

I had my laparoscopy on 14th of December. I have just got my discharge letter, and found out I had endometriosis on my ovarian fossa, I know it's like where the ovary lays? Or something like that.

I have a follow up appointment next month (27th Feb) I don't want to wait that long to ask about if it will effect me having children?

I'm also having the same pain as I had before, in stomach, lower back (kidneys), bowel problems etc...is it possible that endo has come back or could they have missed abit? If social what would happen? Would I have to have another's laparoscopy?

Emma xox

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Hi. I would imagine they would have gotten it all..but honestly after I had my surgery (almost 2 years ago)I haven't been pain free once. If anything I feel it has come back as well. Call and say you are in extreme discomfort and cannot wait til the 27th! I had to go backnowledge to my Dr 4 days after surgery ,ended up having 105 fever and a uterine infection .


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