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Struggling to conceive


Hi all I have been trying for the past 6/7months to try and conceive.I have minimal endo and had my very first lap in June 2016,since then we have been trying but to no luck.I try to forget about it and to be less stressed,but it's difficult when I know I am ovulating as I am in pain! I just feel at a loss.No one else in my family ever struggle to get pregnant but they didn't have endo!! I just don't know what to do.My gynaecologist says that there should be no reason why I cannot conceive but why has it not happened yet?Each month I get more and more down hearted as my period arrives!! :-(

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Most people take 6 months to conceive...that is average so a large proportion take 12! You really haven't been trying that long. I do sympathise though as it is a disheartening experience and hard to detach from! Although some make it look easy to make a baby, gosh if you look at all of the events that have to happen at just the right amount of time to conceive it's a miracle that any of us are here really! The best things you can do is adopt a super fertile lifestyle. Take a multi vitamin (both you and partner) the fertility ones are the best but any will do. Eat foods high in antioxidants (especially dark chocolate for your partner - as high % cocoa as possible). Reduce/eliminate alcohol/smoking. Make sure your partner has no hot baths/showers. Also lots of air to the testicles so no tight boxers or pjs at night. Keep exercise at low intensity. Then you just need to get the timing right. Try ovulation sticks to test for your LH surge. It normally falls on day 13 and ovulation on cycle day 14 but this isn't the case for everyone. Once you know which day you surge make sure you have regular sex once a day on the 4 days preceding the surge and 3 days after. Hope these tips help!


Iv been trying for 4 years and I only was diagnosed with endo last year with premature menopause too, so don't give up!

It will happen when it needs to. I still have hope maybe one day...

Aww love it's not easy like I was lucky to fall pregnant with endometriosis as much as it can be upsetting every month period arrives don't give up hope it will happen if it's ment to hunni I know that they give u so long to fall pregnant if dosent happen in certain length of time they will proberly refer u and your partner to fertility specialist hope that ur time comes Goodluck hunni and best of luck to u both xx

Hi, i have stage 4, no surgery to clean out my insides and been trying for 8 months. I have a stressful job and am generaly a stress head and moved house. It is hard when you see other woman getting pregnant seemingly at the drop of hat, 2 cousins and a sister in law have gotten pregnant in the time i have been trying. I do wish you lots of luck x

Thank you all,yes it is hard seeing everyone around you get pregnant.We have effectively been trying since Nov 2015 but due to endo I was on/off pill,so that's why it's only really been 7 months.I just feel a failure as it's something I have always wanted and I'm just worried I won't ever get pregnant. I have heard success stories so living in hope.Good luck to you all xx

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