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Hi everyone,

I am new to this community, so I thought I'd say hello.

I have severe endometriosis. I was diagnosed in November 2016. Prior, I did not have too much pain - once in a while, I would have pain during my periods, so I assumed it was normal. Never had I heard of endometriosis to be honest. My gynae, during laparoscopy in November found that my ovaries and uterus were stuck together and the endo was so severe that they could not do anything. I had a follow up with her earlier this month and she recommend VISSANE. After I thoroughly researched the effects of VISSANE, I decided not to take the medication, as I am trying to get pregnant, though I have been told it will be a challenge. I am getting some help from the fertility clinic for an IVF in May, so I am waiting patiently.

In the interim, I am in pain - sometimes more than others, and it is usually from the 1st or 2nd day of my periods until 3-4 days after my periods. During these times, I take 600mg of Ibuprofen + 500mg of Tylenol together, every 8-12 hours, with a glass of milk. It has worked wonderfully for me. I also keep myself hydrated (with warm water) and occasionally use an electric heating pad for about 20-30minutes when my pain starts. The meds taken between 30mins to an hour to kick in and relives pain for 8-12 hours. If my pain is not as intense, I take 200mg Ibuprofen + 500mg Tylenol with a glass of milk every 10 hours. I am not recommending that anyone take this, but just saying that it works for me.

I have had to alter my diet a little bit, though I didn't really like it. But I've started eating foods with more fiber, rarely eat red meat, and have much more fish, fruits and veggies and legumes. I am not sure if these are helping though, I only started about a month ago.

Anyhow, endo is not easy, it is tough, but as women, we are strong! Don't let the pain take over your life. If you are in constant pain, do not be afraid to go back and see your doctor/gynae - I realized it takes many many visits to expedite specialist appointments, etc. I have changed my gynae and have a few appointments coming up in May. I have been patiently waiting. I believe that the doctors can operate on me and I will keep trying to talk to them about my options.

Big hugs to you all. Stay strong and positive.

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Hello, welcome to the forum!💛

Your gynae is right to not of removed your endo due to the fact that he is not specifically trained to do so.

Are you with a BSGE specialist? X


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