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Possible Pregnancy... Bleeding... Normal??

Hello, it's been a while since I have posted!

So back in November I mentioned that I had some bleeding after sex as it was 3 weeks after my laparoscopy, I am completely healed from the lap now and everything is fine.

However I have since continued intercourse with my partner, the only issue is that I have had irregular periods, I was started on Desogestrol (Cerazette) around April / May 2016 which completely stopped my periods all together.

I have recently stopped taking the pill and had a bleed from 8th January 2017 - 14th January 2017 which is the first proper period I have had since the laparoscopy and since around May 2016.

I had unprotected sex on January 16th & 17th so took the morning after pill on 17th Jan 15:30 hrs

However then another incident where I was unprotected on Jan 19th 2017 which according to a period calendar app was Day 12 of my cycle - this could be incorrect as it was the first bleed I've had in so long. Apparently now on 25th Jan 2017 it's Cycle day 18 and I've woke up to extremely painful lower abdominal cramping and very light vaginal bleeding, which is of a red / brown colour.. not very vibrant red but not too dark (Sorry for TMI)

as it has been 6 days since unprotected sex, does anyone know if theres a possibility it could be implantation bleeding / early sign of pregnancy or something else? I've felt cramps for a few days and put it down to my body being irritated from sex or maybe a late reaction from the morning after pill. however the pharmacist told me that I would only experience these symptoms up to 3 days after taking the pill...

Advice would be greatly appreciated x

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It is probably your body just getting back to normal. Also irregular periods and break through bleeding can be common with endo. I tried for a baby for 3 years. Every month I was convinced I was having implantation bleeding. The month I actually got pregnant I had none! I think although talked about on the Internet a fair bit implantation bleeding is actually quite rare.


I haven't actually been diagnosed with Endo, just had diagnostic lap where the DR that day says I don't have endo but currently being re referred through a different hospital in Wales as I have moved.. just come off the pill so not sure as had period almost 2 weeks ago & then morning after pill, and then another incident of unprotected intercourse with no contraception... so just a bit worried. could just be my body trying to adjust as you said! will have to wait and see and test in few weeks... x


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