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"Second Opinion"

So since my first laporoscopy, which came back clear, I saw a different doctor who seemed really animated and interested in finding out "what is actually causing you pain".

He sent me for lots of blood tests, tests for my kidneys, bowels....everything came back clear. I actually had a feeling that would happen. Still no further forward.

He is now sending me for a second gyno opinion, somewhere that's not at the hospital where I live, so I need to travel a bit of a distance getting there. Its not for a few weeks, but its still a lot shorter time than my first gyno wait - which was a 20 week wait.

I have a feeling though, will I just see this gyno and will he most likely suggest I have a laporoscopy as well?

Has this happened to anyone else? I've read a few posts where some of you have had 2-3 laprorscopys...could this be potentially what I'm looking at?

I don't know if it will do me good to speculate before I even see him, but I can't think what other outcome he may suggest.

Thanks x

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Hi there.

I'm in a kinda similar position that although deposits found in lap they say not enough to warrant the pain I get. They still fitted the coil and now going on to zoladex injections. The latest is that I may have endo in the siactrica nerve which currently isn't being treated here in the UK but research and treatment is happening abroad with my consultant being involved with it to bring back here in a few years.

Is the second referral to a specialist endo gynae? Look up cemig centre for endo and minimally invasive gynae. This is your specialist hospitals. They would know more what they are looking for then just a gynae. Plus they have specialist nurses to see as well.

Hope this helps x

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Thank you.

No, this is just a different hospital, different gyno :/ I will look into the specialist hospitals however.

After my first op, I didn't even get a follow up appointment. A nurse talked to me when I was still in the recovery room just waking up, I hardly remember what she said, and apart from that I got nothing off them, my doctors haven't been much help either.

I'll have a look at those centres though, thanks xx


I have tried looking at those - it just says "No Records Found

Sorry, no record were found. Please adjust your search criteria and try again..."


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