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Is it possible I have endometriosis?

Seven different doctors over the past 10 years told me I had endo on the basis of my symptoms, pelvic examinations and ultrasound scans. Two cysts were visible on the ultrasound scans - one on each ovary averaging 4cm in diameter.

I started Depo injections last May. I had a laparoscopy in August. By the time I had the laparascopy, the cysts had gone.

The surgeon said he thought they must have been ovarian cysts (not endo) and they had burst on their own or else responded to Depo injections.

My questions are:

Do endo patches/cysts come and go?

If no cysts were present on the day, how can doctor be sure they weren't endo patches? Would endo patches leave a scar, for example?

Is it possible I have endometriosis even though there were no cysts present on day of op?

Thank you for any advice.

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The Laprosopy is the best way of diognosed, they can see endo on in and around the womb. Like little or large dark purple flex look like little love bite bruising on the organ and surrounding. They don't go unless removed by cutting or laser which is less desirable as it damages surrounding tissue. It's not something that disappears over night. I'm stage 3 endo I wish it would disappear!

Hope this helps all the best

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Thank you for your reply.


The first lap I had they found a patch of endo size of a 50p . For whatever reason they didn't remove it that day. Then waited a year to have second lap , to find it had gone. I had a mirena fitted. Over time the endo came back and wrecked my body.

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Thank you for your reply. I hope you get some relief soon.


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