Wondering about my wound

Wondering about my wound

I've just had my dressings of but I'm not happy. I don't think my wound looks healthy the nurse was very offhand with me. I tried telling her that it was still sore but it felt like she couldn't wait to get me out of there. What does everyone think. Does it look ok? Was also wondering can i bath like normal now I do I still have to be careful

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  • It's difficult to tell from a photograph but it looks similar to how mine did at the same stage of recovery.

    I showered as normal and let the water from the shower wash my incision wounds, as advised to do by the nurse at hospital. X

  • What about with a bath. We don't have a shower x

  • It is hard to tell from a photo but it looks fine to me. It is better to have a shower than a bath but if you don't have a shower then I would bath as normal and then, when you get out, give your wounds a wipe with cotton wool and fresh water then make sure to pat them dry. x

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