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I don't know what's wrong with my abdominal pain and period

I got my period about 3 weeks ago and it finished too, but now suddenly I'm getting slight vaginal pain and lower abdominal pain also back pain..I just went into the bathroom and when I wipped some jelly like structure with pinkish to light red stuff came out with it..I'm 14 and so confused if this is normal or not💔😅..Please help!!

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Are you sexually active? It could be a miscarriage however if you aren't it could just be a blood clot which you can sometimes pass during periods.


If this is a one off I shouldn't be too concerned but when it comes to endo it is so important to get diagnosed early. Only you know if your pain is above what a girl should expect as 'normal' and if yours is having an effect on your life that isn't happening to your friends then your instincts will usually be right. I suggest you keep a diary of your cycles and your symptoms and be very vigilant to how you feel relative to what you perceive as normal. If you go to your GP they will probably prescribe contraceptives which may help but be aware that this can mask symptoms too. The important thing is to take yourself seriously and not to be afraid to go to a doctor to get investigations as early as possible. And don't be fobbed off with being told it is normal if you know it is not. In the UK a lap wouldn't be done before age 16 but I should record your concerns with your GP now.


I often get the same thing, even on birth control. Think it's pretty normal so long as it's light (sometimes it can carry on spotting lightly for the rest of the month) but if it gets heavier then it's worth getting checked out!


Aww you're sooo young to be worrying about stuff. But it's good that you're looking after yourself.

If you worried, see if you can talk to a doctor; they may have a look at your vagina and cervix, if you're comfortable with that. Maybe keep a diary of when it happens and what the mucus is like (as you've described).

Check out ovulation pain, I didn't realise that existed..

Ahh this post is over a year ago, oh well! hope you got it sorted :)


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