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Level 1 sickness meeting with work

Ill all of last year, also going through fertility, finally had lap in December 2016, stayed in hospital overnight, very ill, back to work after two weeks and i'm getting shit from my manager.

I spoke to occ health last week and advised it is a fine line between the equality act which I am aware of, but said he understands I am struggling but would make recommendations for flexibility and told me to take it easy.

Bit of background about my job...I work with the elderly as a housing officer, I'm the person who makes referrals to other services to stop them from becoming ill, going into hospital, homes etc. I also attend to emergencies throughout the day and night. For instance yesterday I gave someone CPR for over an hour, sadly they passed away. I was then expected to travel all over the city for meetings and then was called out at midnight for a faller and had to wait 3 hours for an ambulance.

I was pulled into a level 1 sickness meeting yesterday. My manager was very rude, and actually down right disrespectful and I'm seriously thinking of making a grievance complaint.

She stated she received the occ health recommendations and 'he says it comes under the DDA, but I highly doubt it'. His recommendations were to increase my sickness days by 50%, but she said im close to this, and im lucky she took into account my hospital admission and operation recovery so I am still under.

She said I don't know what reasonable adjustments you can see in your eyes happening?! I can only recommend that you cut your hours and I'll take some of your work away from you. I told her that this wouldn't help as my flare ups are on my repeated cycle, so I don't when they could happen and they could fall on a weekend. She said I had to choose I was either in or I was out!!

She said 'all this just for a stomach cramp'. I went through my symptoms and told her I struggle to walk, or leave the toilet. I am at risk to my tenants in the event of an emergency. Hoping that she would maybe say I could stay in one place on my bad days and do my paperwork but she said 'it's the job' and you have to get on with it.

I totally understand it's a business, and I'm just a number. But surely it would cost more to hire and train someone else. I'm a good worker, I hit all my deadlines even when I'm off sick I come back and do my work, and others. I've hit all my targets and then some, I take any extra work and love my job (apart from the midnight calls)

I am struggling with what to do for the best, she basically told me I should look for another job yesterday. Which is disgusting?! She should be supporting me, she completely billeted me and I felt like walking out. She said that she couldn't favour in me just because I had a period, and I should get over it.

So her attitude, disrespect and lack of knowledge is one thing, and the fact that she completely favours other staff and their sickness levels comes into play here. I don't want to start a war. I just want to work, I want her to realise that it's not just a bloody period! I can't describe what I'm like on my bad days, but I guess everyone here will understand!?

My reasonable adjustment is that she takes that into consideration, enables me to have flexi time on my days, work in the office doing files and paperwork until I am ready to go out into the community again. Is this reasonable?

Does anyone have any advice? Or anyone I can speak to about this to understand my rights?

I feel like I am being pushed out the door.

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I don't know what to say. ! But there is definitely discrimination or at least prejudice if she is saying just a period and not acknowledging it's a serious disease..You need some advocacy and advice. First decide what outcome you want to stay or to go. And if stay is there another manager you could work under or role you would want there or not. Then can you cope with the stress escalation or grievance process do you have confidence in the more senior management could you continue working under this person if you won the case. None of this is to deter you. But it's not easy . I couldn't cope with the stress I was subjected to in a bullying situation. The company really closed ranks and made up stuff about me so for me it was better to walk and find another more suitable job in a better environment.


Hey lovely, I have endometriosis and work for the NHS.. ive had a level 1 sickness meeting due to my meds throwing my mental health out the window...

Endo is on the DDA as it's a registered disability...

level 1 is nothing really. Just goes into why you were off sick. As long as you can provide docs reports and discharge cert from surgery with the confirmation of endo and they can do buggar all!

I have endo that caused mental health issues... can work do anything about it? Can they hell. Pm me if you want any more advice. Xx


Sorry to hear this, and I'm afraid i might not be much use, but when ever Ive had issues with employers (for general reasons) Ive contacted ACAS - they have always been so helpful. If you check their website you should be able to get an idea if they will be able to help you with health issues with work before giving them a call x


I've had endo 20 years Hun and work for the NHS. Endo does come under the Disability Descrimination Act so don't let her tell you otherwise. If you feel you are being bullied then escalate it over your managers head. If they try to cease your employment on grounds of your health you would have a good case. You would also have a case if they made it so difficult to stay i.e. Bullying and not making reasonable adjustments as this would be constructive dismissal. If your part of a union contact them for support, you also have the right to take someone into the sickness interview with you.


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