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Period for longer than 7 days


This is my first period and I started my period on the 9th and its still here on the 17th is this normal or not and im too shy to ask to see a doctor because indont feel comfortable them looking around down there ... the flow is not heavy id say it light but im just worried also i am still using a tampon and i dont know whether to stop and use a pad or what someone please help

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I'm on proeoestrogen tablets and I take them 10 days each month after that I have a 2 weeks period. 1st one was more like discharge but this time it's a period.

Speak to your Dr even though I know you don't want but they will help you

If this is your first period I assume you're quite young? Could you speak to your mum, grandma, aunt or a teacher and maybe get one of them to go along to the doctors with you. People on here tend to have problems with their cycle but 'normal' would be around 5 days. My daughter recently got her first period it lasted 4 days. I know it's uncomfortable but you really should find someone to talk with. If you don't have any family you could ask for a nurse or health care assistant to be a chaperone during your GP appt, or ask for a female doctor.

Im a very closed in person especially when it comes to health x I have been taken from a abusive home about 3 years ago and Ive never really been looked after x

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