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Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hello all! I'm new on the site. I was diagnosed with endometriosis recently. I have had pain for years which worsened drastically in October 2015. I was diagnosed in November 2016 after a laproscopy and due to the severity had a further laproscopy two weeks later for laser treatment. I'm still struggling and apart from the operation I have received no support or advice from my GP or the hospital apart from having a coil fitted to help essential future symptoms. I haven't been told how successful the operation was, if my fertility has been effected or ways in which to help manage my pain Admiral symptoms. Any help or advice would be amazing as at the minute I'm struggling both physically and emotionally.

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do you have a follow appt scheduled with your consultant? You should find out more then. If you can't wait that long contact your GP they should have been given a follow-up report, or call the surgeons secretary they may be able to send you a copy, or arrange a sooner appt. Sorry you're struggling, hope you get some answers soon.


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