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5cm cyst on left ovary

Hi all, i had my second laparoscopy in June last year and mirena coil inserted. At first I started to feel better but as months went on I started to feel pain again with cramping, nausea, stomach ache, extreme bloating, constipation,dizziness, headaches and two week periods with bouts of dark brown discharge but a lot of it and I just feel rough.

I recently had a pelvic ultrasound (my first one ever even though I've been diagnosed with endo for over 4 years ) and they found a 5cm cyst on my left ovary I've been told this might be a chocolate cyst and I need to have another ultrasound in 6 weeks to see if it's still there and if so I'll have to go back to gynae. I'm just curious what the situation is regarding this, will I have to have surgery again to check for endo and remove the cyst or will they just leave it alone?

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I had a 5cm choc cyst on left ovary. Second scan it had grown so I was booked in for a lap and cyst removal. I think it may depend on what happens during the second scan. I hope this helps! Look after yourself.


Hi i just had a 13cm cyst removed from my left ovary but at the beginning when it was 5cm ( he said i have very aggressive endo and my pill not working which is why it was getting bigger!) any way when it was 5 i was told it depends on the pain level it is causing and if it grows with regards to taking it out, is the cyst causing lot of pain?


I think it depends a lot on the doctor. Mine, which is an endometriosis specialist, is very conservative. I have a 6cm chocolate cyst on my left ovary, since I am not in pain he is trying to reduce it with the Mirena (at least he says there are chances to shrink the cyst while on the Mirena). I have my next ultrasound in four months. Let see what happens!


Hi all, thanks for replying this has helped me understand more what to possibly expect! I do get pain yes but it's different everyone month sometimes it's so bad it cripples me then sometimes it's just period type cramping going down my legs and sharp pains in my tailbone/ urethra? But alongside the pain I have symptoms of Ibs etc.

Another question is anyone on the coil suffer with tender and heavy breasts?


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