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Hi all, I had loads of positive responses to my last post about being pregnant so I thought I'd keep you informed! As I got pregnant right after the mirena was out (possibly even the day after!!!) I've got no period to backdate my pregnancy to so we're not sure exactly how far along I am. The hCG in my blood indictes 8-9 weeks but an ultrasound scan showed an embryo sized typically 5-6 weeks so I'm really not sure.

I have another scan booked for next week to check everything is growing normally and healthily. I will keep you updated! Already so excited ♡♡

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Can I ask if you have had any pains with your pregnancy? I'm 5w3d and in agony, my last two pregnancies were ectopic because of my endo but they've said they don't think this one is, they won't give me a scan untill next week but by my hcg levels they think it's a normal pregnancy.... I'm going out of my mind


I'm so sorry for the late reply! I haven't been on here for a week. Yes I am in agony, I don't know what to do with myself some days. I have been to A&E once as the pain was so bad I thought I was losing the baby. I have had the all clear in everything so it must just be the endo and the doctor reckons the increased hormones are responsible. I'm sorry you are experiencing this too, you are not alone Xxx


Thankyou for the reply, mine ended up being ectopic again xx


I'm so sorry, that is so sad and must be so awful for you. I really hope you are ok Xxx


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