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Injection - zolodex

So I'm now on my 3rd injection of zolodex for endometriosis it's still doing the same if not worse, feeling so sick with it. My moods are awful now been put on depression tablets :( I just want this sorted. Like us all! I went into hospital a few days ago for an internal & pelvic scan to see if there were any cists there wasn't any that's a good sign but have been told if I'm still in pain I need to go back to doctors and get a CT scan. Beyond me I'm 22 and had this nearly 9 years now :( I want my own family and I can't as I believe you can't get pregnant on zolodex injections and it takes 4 months to come out your system.. any suggestions ??

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I was on zoladex a few years ago and it did nothing to help the pain at all.

I had breakthrough bleeding and it really affected my mood and general wellbeing.

If you're not happy with this treatment, could you go back to your gynaecologist and ask for something else?

Hope that things look a bit brighter for you soon 😘

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Terrible nausea, bones aching, had 5 injections but has helped if your not happy go back to drs.x

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