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Cancelled lap

I was scheduled for a lap and hysteroscopy last Thursday, got to the hospital and was called in by the nurses only to find that the surgeon had decided to cancel the procedure as she wanted Ultrasounds done prior. I'm so upset as I've got other medical issues that I'm dealing with right now and really wanted to get it out the way. I pushed so hard to get it done and feel like I've wasted my time.

She also said she doesn't want to do a hysteroscopy as I am not sexually active and it is against their protocol but I was very adamant that I want it done regardless

Only benefit is that the surgeon was honest with me and said that she doesn't actually specialise in endo and will book for me to see someone who is at the hospital but I have refused and asked for a referral to Bgse centre instead, only thing is I really don't want to wait again for a date when I can have it done next week 😭😩

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I'm so sorry for the turn of events! It's good that you are getting it done by someone who is experienced though. If they need to excise the endo, the chances of someone who is not familiar not getting it all is high, which means it will come back, and you'll be back for another surgery. And then consider the build up of scar tissue. I would take it as a blessing. I am sorry you had to figure it out that way though. I woke up from my lap only to find out they weren't able to remove my endometrioma via lap, and I would have to come back for a large six inch incision. It sucked. Hopefully once you get your surgery, it will go smoothly.



Hi sorry to hear that. Good on you for being assertive and hopefully getting in to see someone experienced with endometriosis soon through the specialist centre.

It is likely that an ultrasound won't show much (mine never did and I have had a large section of deep infiltrating endometriosis removed). Although this does sound like a brush off, one way to look at it is that it is better than having invasive procedure and then they didn't find anything and missed finding the endometriosis let alone removing it and having to be in recovery for weeks. I understand about dealing with endometriosis alongside other health issues. Good luck with getting a date set to be seen and feeling better in between.

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