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Are any of you here gluten free? I was told that a lot of my bloating was from that and from my poop coming through the front (gross I know) because of the inflamation. Since cutting out gluten and minimising dairy, my periods have been so much better with minimal pain for the first time literally ever, and I feel so much better day to day as the pain has almost gone! I've found taking women's vitamins has helped a lot too, has anyone else had any experience of this? x

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Hi Kate not gluten free but Iv stopped all dairy because I know that's known to flare up endo. Sometimes I'll have the odd pizza and stuffer later with pain.

I'm on soya products only now which are so much better plus I'm on them because of animal cruelty too.

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Be careful with soya if you have endo, it can raise oestrogen levels Xx

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Soya is fine for me Iv been having soya products for 4 months now and Iv had no problems plus I don't have natural oestrogen left in my body so I'm not worried about that. Drs have said it's fine. It's dairy products I have problems with.

Might not work for everyone but soya has worked for me.


What do you mean poop coming from the front? You should get checked for a vaginal fistula if it was coming from another area.

I am going to second what another said, get away from soya. Do some research on the connection of soya and endo.

I have had similar from cutting out gluten and minimising diary. I have also cut down on my caffeine and don't have any soya products.


I'm underweight and I was told by the gynaeo that my poop can be felt and seen through my stomach which causes a lot of the bloat

I second the 'avoid soya' advice.

Also, 'poop' cannot come out of anywhere, other than the rectum, anus route, unless there is a breach in the wall of the colon or rectum, and probably also in the wall of either the urinary apparatus or the uterus/vagina. That would be really serious and you would need urgent medical attention. Who said that?? Get it checked / second opinion.

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Not coming out like a leak but is able to be seen and felt bc of how skinny I am 😂

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Okay, sorry. From your initial post I thought you meant an actual leak.

What you describe about feeling the waste material in the various sections of the colon ( = large intestine) is quite common, even if you are not so skinny. [NB large intestine is the last part of the tubing that all solid food waste goes through as it is digested. The colon is the last bit, and when stuff gets to there it's just the waste that is going to the rectum to be stored until it's passed out through the anus.]

I'm slim, but not by any means skinny, and I can feel waste building up in the ascending loop of the colon on my right-hand side [That's the bit from the lower right-hand side, it goes from just above the right hip, up to about waist level, then there is a cross section, from our right to our left side, and then a down section from left waist down to below and in from the left hip, to the rectum where pooh is stored.]

It's common to feel it - when it's full - on the lower right side, as there's still loads of water mixed with the waste fibre (the water is filtered out, in the colon, before we have a bowel movement - when it's not filtered out, is when we have the runs!). We also feel the right hand side section as it's where gas can collect, especially if the valve between the last part of the small intestine (ilium), and the large intestine (colon) is upset by what we have had to eat. Apparently seeds and nuts irritate this valve.

If you are very skinny, you may also be feeling the other sections of the colon. If the distension of the colon is causing pain, then that suggest there may be endo on the bowel, and if so they should be thinking of dealing with it.

I've just had a colonoscopy, to check the lower right hand part of the colon, the part that hurts me. Although all looked fine - no tumours or polyps - I had incredible pain during the procedure and they had to knock me out. After, they said the degree of pain I experienced is typical of someone with endo on the bowel - which my GP refuses to accept, as I am post-menopause!!

I'm going to try cutting milk, as you suggest. I found I was more uncomfortable without gluten - and cutting fibre made me incredibly constipated!

I hope you've got some answers from all the other comments.

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Yeah I don't really have dairy or gluten or red meat, alcohol or caffeine and it's made a real difference. Made a huge dent in my savings but it's worth it to feel this good again haha

Dear Kate,

I have 3 fibroids, they aren't too big but they certanly are painful! I start taking Norethisterone and also change my entire diet. No dairy, a lot of vegetables, almond milk, gluten free, chia seeds and lots of water. No beef just chicken and fish. I feel it has been worth it. Just the medication didn't work, but I feel that the diet has helped me feel less bloated, I havent gain weight and the pain has stopped. I hope this answer helps!

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