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Zoladex injection 2nd time around, can you conceive?

Hi everyone!

I've had endometriosis for six years, and have had two laparoscopy's - most recent in March 2016. Have had numerous types of treatment including contraceptive pill, contraceptive injection, zoladex, HRT.

I have recently got married and we are thinking about trying for a baby this year, I am currently not on any treatment for endo - but the pain I am getting each month with my periods is starting to become unbearable (having to take time off work etc). Zoladex actually worked quite well for me (minus the pain of the injections!) and I was thinking about going back on it for six months. I'm reluctant to go back on the pill, as I feel so much better in myself whilst not on it and obviously this would protect me from getting pregnant.

Does anyone know if zoladex will stop conceiving? I know it essentially puts you in to menapause, but i'm sure my doctor told me to ensure we were using protection whilst I was on it about two years ago.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Katie xx

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When I was on Prostap which I understand is similar I was told to ensure I used barrier contraception as it would be possible to become pregnant and I should make sure not to conceive on the medication. X


After so many different treatments at such a young age and 2 laps under your belt it seems pretty clear you are not being treated thoroughly. With ongoing pain I suggest you request a referral to a specialist endo centre. Will pm you.

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